Psychological aspects of orthognathic surgery and its effect on quality of life in Egyptian patients

H Sadek, G Salem
Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal  
A study was made of 120 patients aged 11-33 years who underwent various types of orthognathic surgery in a Cairo hospital between 1998 and 2004. Patients answered a standardized questionnaire to identify motives for seeking surgery, the degree of satisfaction with the outcome and its effect on quality of life. Preoperatively, aesthetic reasons were the primary motive for seeking surgery in 95% of patients. Postoperatively, 85% of the patients were positive about the outcome of surgery as well
more » ... f surgery as well as its effect on their quality of life. Postoperative improvement of facial aesthetics of the patients was associated with improvement of their quality of life in all aspects tested.
pmid:17546917 fatcat:fxamo6a6lfd45ibc2bbqut5ck4