Design and Pitch Angle Optimisation of Horizontal Axis Hydrokinetic Turbine with Constant Tip Speed Ratio

Suyash Nigam, Shubham Bansal, Tanmay Nema, Vansh Sharma, Raj Kumar Singh, H.L. Yuan, R.K. Agarwal, P. Tandon, E.X. Wang
2017 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Booming population and associated energy demands, looming threat of exhaustion of conventional sources of energy and the severe environmental repercussions of the same call for alternate sources of clean energy. Hydrokinetic turbine is one such developing technology which harnesses zero-head free flow of water and affects hydrological ecology minimally. This paper discusses the optimisation of Horizontal Axis Hydrokinetic Turbine (HAHkT) blade chord length and twist angle using blade element
more » ... entum (BEM) theory to achieve a constant optimal angle of attack (AoA), thus maximising the power output. To achieve this while maintaining robustness at the hub end and eliminate cavitation, two different hydrofoils (S832 and E817) are selected. S832 is simulated using ANSYS 14.0 at low (0⁰) and high (15⁰) angles of attack and compared against more widely used NACA 4412 to study flow separation characteristics. This is followed by calculating angles of relative flow, ratios of chord length and subsequently twist angles for each blade element using MATLAB simulations. A blade model is thus developed for visualisation using computer aided designing after obtaining optimal chord lengths and pitch angles.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20179506004 fatcat:pmgup4pztrcnllkfvj6ve2mmw4