Thermal Designing of Air Preheater Used in Continuous Caustic Fusion Plant

2016 European Journal of Technology and Design  
Thermal designing of an air preheater typically include the determination of heat transfer coefficient, Fin parameter, Colburn factor, fanning friction factor, heat transfer area, overall heat transfer coefficient, its type and size. The Continuous Caustic Fusion plant is a plant to produce export grade caustic soda Flakes from caustic soda solution. Design of heat exchangers has a greater role in thermal engineering field. An air preheater is a type of heat exchanger device designed to heat
more » ... designed to heat air before another process. Here the air preheater is a plate fin heat exchanger. Some problems are involved in the working of Air preheater used in the Continuous Caustic Fusion plant. Heat transfer is not properly taking place inside the Air Preheater. The outlet temperature of heat exchanger cannot be increased to a required value because of fouling produced inside the heat exchanger. So the air preheater is to be redesigned, to overcome this situation. In this paper finding the fouling factor and redesigning of plate fin heat exchanger are demonstrated.
doi:10.13187/ejtd.2016.13.99 fatcat:l7bw4cl62ffkhkxk7zk3ubyavq