RCCP Travelling Continuous Measurement System Concrete Quarity Control System of Using Scattered RI Method

Tomonori Nakagawa, Masaru Uchida
The 9th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction   unpublished
In order to raise the standard of RCCP compaction control while streamlining the control process. it is necessary to monitor the state of compaction quickly and continuously, and feed back compaction data speedily. Unlike conventional transmission-type gauges , this gauge allows the measurement of density without making holes in objects of m easurement.This is therefore a powerful fool to measure the compaction of RCCP. This gauge has a number of outstanding features. For example: (1)Inspection
more » ... mple: (1)Inspection (2) Mu It ipoint. of RCCP. can be performed quantitatively measurement enables the quality (3)Easy operation ocessrfig. automatic recording (4) Measurements obtained from this onventional t(>>ts.