Mykola Slavkov
2021 Priazovsʹkij ekonomìčnij vìsnik  
Based on the results, the study confirmed the importance of providing housing for the population as a multifunctional element of the management system, which has a multiplier effect on access to other components, such as education, employment, leisure, etc. It should be noted separately that the need for housing affects the development of construction, including the production of building materials and building structures, as well as interacts with the banking sector and the financial sector of
more » ... financial sector of the country. In the context of the analysis of legal and regulatory support, the priority of the development of housing construction and the provision of quality housing to the population was confirmed. Regulations in the direction of public administration are thorough and aimed at achieving qualitative results of implementation, but significant impact of economic factors outlines the need to the expand existing mechanisms of state support. The analysis of programs to support the provision of housing to all segments of the population operating within the framework of the implementation of the state housing policy showed the activity of government representatives to search for directions and ways to realize the rights of citizens of Ukraine to housing, but on the other hand, it is now more declarative in nature, because there is no stability in increasing the amount of funding and there are constant transformations regarding the conditions of participation. The importance of developing a mechanism for the construction of housing of economic class at the expense of various budgets (state, local and other sources) to provide preferential categories of the population has been proved. The importance of the development of the rental market, which today is represented exclusively by private owners and in most cases is in the shadow economy, has been confirmed. In addition, it is determined that this direction is very important for the sphere of economic relations, because with affordable rental housing, labor mobility increases and accordingly forms the ground for reducing unemployment. It is determined that the growth of construction and support for the development of the construction industry will also have positive effects on the development of the financial and banking sectors, achieving stabilization of the cost of housing in the real estate market.
doi:10.32840/2522-4263/2021-1-7 fatcat:ne7pshcaljespe3a4lgi7btk4q