Post-electrospinning crosslinking of guar/polyvinyl alcohol membrane

Jingjing Shi, Enlong Yang
2016 Thermal Science  
The present study reports post-electrospinning crosslinking of guar/polyvinyl alcohol/citric acid nanofiber membranes by heat treatment. Porous, interconnected non-woven nanofiber membranes (average diameter 194 ± 23 nm) were electrospun from a homogeneous blend of 1 wt.% guar gum and 8 wt.% polyvinyl alcohol solution (3:7 weight ratio) containing 5 wt.% (by the total weight of the solution) citric acid. The electrospun nanofiber membranes were then cured at 140°C for 2 hours. The crosslinked
more » ... . The crosslinked nanofiber membranes were insoluble in water, while the non-crosslinked membranes dissolved instantaneously. The Fourier transform infrared spectrum investigates that crosslinking of guar/polyvinyl alcohol occurred through esterification reaction during heat treatment. 3 Figure 1. The SEM images of electrospun PVA/guar membranes; (a) before heat treatment, (b) after heat treatment, (c) the cured electrospun membrane immersed into deionized water for 24 hours
doi:10.2298/tsci141225076s fatcat:volrjdy3hzg7fltyn3ar7ha3oy