WSPÓŁCZESNE ZMIANY WŁAŚCIWOŚCI GLEB ROLNICZYCH W KRAJOBRAZIE MŁODOGLACJALNYM Contemporary changes of agricultural soil's characteristic in the young glacial landscape

Barbara Braun, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Wydział Geografii, Studiów Regionalnych, Zakład Geoekologii
Th e researches were conducted in the area of Bytów District. Th e following analysis were performed: thickness of the humus horizon, reserves of humus, soil reaction , the acid and alkaline cations in soil adsorbtion complex, and bulk density. Application of machines in agriculture caused acceleration of erosion particularly in rolling and hilly country. Th e deluvial horizons of the area with diversifi ed relief reach thickness of 50-100 cm. Th ese horizons are richer in organic matter than
more » ... mus horizons located on fl at-topped mountains and mountain sides. Deluvial horizons are characterized by a bit less acid reaction, sometimes even neutral, and slightly greater the acid and alkaline cations in soil adsorbtion complex. Longstanding mechanization of agriculture leads also to formation of the thickened layer at the depth of 30 cm. Th e intensive fertilization with mineral fertilizers, especially nitric ones, leads to soil acidifi cation.