Reliability modeling of life-critical, real-time systems

L. Tomek, V. Mainkar, R.M. Geist, K.S. Trivedi
1994 Proceedings of the IEEE  
In this paper, we discuss the role of modeling in the design and validation of life-critical, real-time systems. The basics of Markov, Markov reward, and stochastic reward net models are covered. An example of a nuclear power plant cooling system is developed in detail. Multilevel models, model calibration, and model validation are also discussed. reliable to effectively preclude the loss of human life carries with it an important obstruction to that very design: the inability to effectively
more » ... y to effectively test prototype implementations. If we I08
doi:10.1109/5.259430 fatcat:jlatdxmao5gipffqswkjwftyzq