Control System of Aeroponics in Sunlight Greenhouse

Shu-guang LIU, De-yao LIU, Mei ZHANG, Bao-quan YIN, Yun-fei MA, Song-jian NAN
2019 DEStech Transactions on Computer Science and Engineering  
At present, there are problems of low accuracy in environmental control, instability of the system and small planting area in the process of aeroponic production. As a result, the advanced and new technologies of aeroponic production can't realize high yield, quality and efficiency to the maximum. In order to solve the problems, PLC is used to monitor the PH/EC values of nutrient solution in liquid storage pool, the temperature of nutrient solution, the level of nutrient solution, the hydraulic
more » ... tion, the hydraulic pressure of main pipeline, the temperature and humidity of cultivation bed. Besides, PLC controls the time of water pump motor and the switch of solenoid valve in regional main pipelines. In addition, PLC can realize the real-time monitoring and control of plant growth environment accurately, especially the root growth environment. The production system will make further efforts to improve the automation and intelligence of the production process and promote to create conditions for the realization of high-quality, high-efficiency and high-yield in the process of the technology of aeroponic production.
doi:10.12783/dtcse/msota2018/27579 fatcat:q4rg26fbbvgjxl6rxvgmbl7gxi