Genre Begets Genre: In Conversation with Vicki Bennett (People Like Us)

Donatella Valente
2010 Dandelion Postgraduate Arts Journal and Research Network  
Bennett's audiovisual sets suggest an epistemological relationship between the artist, a self-conscious and self-referential visual language (collage/montage), archive footage (original text/generic narrative), and the active spectator. 4 This is also illustrated by We Edit Life (2002) and The Remote Controller (2003). These collage films show man -as a composite of artist, scientist, and computer designer -experimenting with the machine interface, producing new meanings and magical, surreal
more » ... magical, surreal worlds whose dark undertones foreshadow the future of computer technology controlling man's physical and phenomenological environment.
doi:10.16995/ddl.223 fatcat:i756iqjon5eihm7iczuwif43dy