Attractive perception of profile class II patients treated with extractions versus dentoalveolar mandibular advancement devices

Paul Capdeville-Cazenave, Iván Nieto Sánchez, Inés Diaz Renovales, Javier De la Cruz Pérez
2020 Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences  
Aim: This study aimed to compare the esthetic perceptionof profile silhouette of pictures of class II patients before andafter treatment (extractions or mandibular advancement),according to a visual analog scale (VAS) among orthodontists,general dentists and lay people. Methods: A presentation of 18class II adult patients silhouette was shown to three groups ofparticipants (25 orthodontists, 25 general dentists, and 25 laypeople) in two phases in an cross-sectional survey study. An
more » ... dy. An initialpresentation pre-treatment and a second one post-treatment,one month later. The presentation consisted of nine pictures offour extractions orthodontic cases (two maxillary premolars andtwo mandibular premolars): five males, four females, and othernine pictures with a dentoalveolar mandibular advance (Forsus®and/or class II elastics): four males, five females. To comparepre and post-treatment scores, an ANOVA test was performed.Independent variables studied were: sex, age, and previousor present orthodontic treatment of participants. Results:A total of 75 of evaluators scored 18 patient profiles beforeand after treatment. In the three groups, the post treatmentsilhouette scored significantly higher. Advancement treatmentscored significantly higher than extractions, especially amonglay people. Orthodontist gave the lowers score regardless oftreatment. No differences were found between male and femalescoring (p>0.05). The participants between 30-39 years old gavehigher scores than other age groups(p<0,05). Conclusion: In oursample, class II orthodontic treatments did always improveesthetic perception of patients profile. Advancement treatmentachieved a better esthetic perception than extractions, especiallyamong lay people.
doi:10.20396/bjos.v19i0.8658782 fatcat:hphuw4nv6rckjabal5aq76re2m