2014 Assiut veterinary medical journal  
The present study was planned to investigate the effect of dietary supplementation with copper Chelating complex as immunstimulant of catfish Claris gariepinus. Forty acclimated African sharp tooth catfish, were divided into two groups. The first group (control group G I) received the basic diet, for 30 days. The second group received the basal diet mixed with 60 mg copper albumin chelating complex/kg basal diet; (G II). At the end of 30 days feeding, the fish of each group were, weight, blood
more » ... ilm and serum sample were collected and tested. Fish of each group were challenged by local strain of Aeromonas hydrophila, for challenge. The clinical signs, P.M. lesions and mortalities were also monitored for 7 days post challenge. The obtained results were indicated that copper chelating complex improve the growth rate, and enhance the protective effect against challenge with A. hydrophila and potentiate the non-specific immune response through increase the percent of basophile, the lymphocytes and increase the total protein and the globulin in the blood of the treated fish. In conclusion use of copper chelating complex as feed additive for Clariasgariepinus at a dose of 60mg / kg diet has shown to be an activator of non-specificimmune response.
doi:10.21608/avmj.2014.171082 fatcat:3dbviqgna5dwxflfgwtvoc3mk4