Effect of Nickel(II) ion on Copper Electrodeposition from Ethylenediamine Complex Bath

Hidetoshi ARIMURA, Toshihiko SHIGEMATSU, Takaaki TSURUOKA, Kensuke AKAMATSU, Hidemi NAWAFUNE
2011 Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan  
In the present paper, we describe direct copper electrodeposition on high resistivity substrates such as TiN and ITO from ethylenediamine complex bath. The copper electrodeposition was carried out at 1 A/dm 2 and 50 ℃. Smooth surface was obtained by adding thiodiglycolic acid. Good adhesion of deposited copper film on TiN was achieved from tape peeling test. Internal stress of deposited copper film from ethylenediamine complex bath was decreased by adding 5 mg/L NiSO4・6H2O in the bath. This
more » ... the bath. This bath could be used for the formation of copper wiring on high resistivity substrates as an alternative to conventional acidic copper sulfate bath.
doi:10.4139/sfj.62.708 fatcat:mfwbfbalsfhaflrqv4talohphm