Path Integral Discussion for Smorodinsky-Winternitz Potentials: I. Two- and Three Dimensional Euclidean Space

C. Grosche, G. S. Pogosyan, A. N. Sissakian
1995 Fortschritte der Physik/Progress of Physics  
Path integral formulations for the Smorodinsky-Winternitz potentials in two- and three-dimen\-sional Euclidean space are presented. We mention all coordinate systems which separate the Smorodinsky-Winternitz potentials and state the corresponding path integral formulations. Whereas in many coordinate systems an explicit path integral formulation is not possible, we list in all soluble cases the path integral evaluations explicitly in terms of the propagators and the spectral expansions into the wave-functions.
doi:10.1002/prop.2190430602 fatcat:extnmopnjbaxho4ru4mdgazcx4