Phonon-induced renormalization of electron wave functions

Jae-Mo Lihm, Cheol-Hwan Park
2020 Physical review B  
The Allen-Heine-Cardona theory allows us to calculate phonon-induced electron self-energies from first principles without resorting to the adiabatic approximation. However, this theory has not been able to account for the change of the electron wave function, which is crucial if interband energy differences are comparable to the phonon-induced electron self-energy as in temperature-driven topological transitions. Furthermore, for materials without inversion symmetry, even the existence of such
more » ... opological transitions cannot be investigated using the Allen-Heine-Cardona theory. Here, we generalize this theory to the renormalization of both the electron energies and wave functions. Our theory can describe both the diagonal and off-diagonal components of the Debye-Waller self-energy in a simple, unified framework. For demonstration, we calculate the electron-phonon coupling contribution to the temperature-dependent band structure and hidden spin polarization of BiTlSe2 across a topological transition. These quantities can be directly measured. Our theory opens a door for studying temperature-induced topological phase transitions in materials both with and without inversion symmetry.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.101.121102 fatcat:7dgvqvqtx5dsbe4427skl6f7sy