Optimal reactive power flow incorporating static voltage stability based on multi-objective adaptive immune algorithm

Hugang Xiong, Haozhong Cheng, Haiyu Li
2008 Energy Conversion and Management  
People have paid more attention to enhancing voltage stability margin since voltage collapses happened in some power systems recently. This paper proposes an optimal reactive power flow (ORPF) incorporating static voltage stability based on a multi-objective adaptive immune algorithm (MOAIA). The main idea of the proposed algorithm is to add two parts to an existing immune algorithm. The first part defines both partial affinity and global affinity to evaluate the antibody affinity to the
more » ... bjective functions. The second part uses adaptive crossover, mutation and clone rates for antibodies to maintain the antibodies diversity. Hence, the proposed algorithm can achieve a dynamic balance between individual diversity and population convergence. The paper describes ORPF's multi-objective functional mathematical model and the constraint conditions. The problems associated with the antibody are also discussed in detail. The proposed method has been tested in the IEEE-30 system and compared with IGA (immune genetic algorithm). The results show that the proposed algorithm has improved performance over the IGA.
doi:10.1016/j.enconman.2007.09.005 fatcat:3hi3wvtsrbb5xcplda6dv7645y