A structured overview of trends and technologies used in dynamic hand orthoses

Ronald A. Bos, Claudia J.W. Haarman, Teun Stortelder, Kostas Nizamis, Just L. Herder, Arno H.A. Stienen, Dick H. Plettenburg
2016 Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation  
The development of dynamic hand orthoses is a fast-growing field of research and has resulted in many different devices. A large and diverse solution space is formed by the various mechatronic components which are used in these devices. They are the result of making complex design choices within the constraints imposed by the application, the environment and the patient's individual needs. Several review studies exist that cover the details of specific disciplines which play a part in the
more » ... pmental cycle. However, a general collection of all endeavors around the world and a structured overview of the solution space which integrates these disciplines is missing. In this study, a total of 165 individual dynamic hand orthoses were collected and their mechatronic components were categorized into a framework with a signal, energy and mechanical domain. Its hierarchical structure allows it to reach out towards the different disciplines while connecting them with common properties. Additionally, available arguments behind design choices were collected and related to the trends in the solution space. As a result, a comprehensive overview of the used mechatronic components in dynamic hand orthoses is presented.
doi:10.1186/s12984-016-0168-z pmid:27357107 pmcid:PMC4928331 fatcat:jbfdfrzo65aszdzsvdbfoywupe