A Load Balancing Routing Mechanism Based on SDWSN in Smart City

Xin Cui, Xiaohong Huang, Yan Ma, Qingke Meng
2019 Electronics  
In the wireless sensor network infrastructure of smart cities, whether the network traffic is balanced will directly affect the service quality of the network. Because of the traditional WSN (wireless sensor network) architecture, load balancing technology is difficult to meet the requirements of adaptability and high flexibility. This paper proposes a load balancing mechanism based on SDWSN (software defined wireless sensor network). This mechanism utilizes the advantages of a centralized
more » ... ol SDN (software defined network) and flexible traffic scheduling. The OpenFlow protocol is used to monitor the running status and link load information of the network in real time. According to the bandwidth requirement of the data flow, the improved load balanced routing is obtained by an Elman neural network. The simulation results show that the improved SDSNLB (software-defined sensor network load balancing) routing algorithm has better performance than LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) protocol in balancing node traffic and improving throughput.
doi:10.3390/electronics8030273 fatcat:47x33dlg4ng6pemv2nednbzxl4