The Advantages of Using a Bleed of Air from Behind the Compressor and Supplying It Behind the Turbine in an Aircraft Engine

Mirosław Kowalski, Wojciech Kotlarz
2020 Journal of KONBiN  
AbstractThe research paper discusses the advantages of using compressor downstream air partial bleed and supplying it downstream of the turbine, which was applied in a prototype of a "bypass" turbojet engine. The impact of such a solution on the value of achieved basic operating parameters of the engine was described, i.e., unit thrust and unit power consumption. The presented attempt to compare these parameters with the parameters achieved for a turbojet, single flow engine is very important;
more » ... is very important; in the first case without air bleed, and in the second, with air bleed to the environment and with the parameters of a turbojet, turbofan engine with a jet mixer.
doi:10.2478/jok-2020-0067 fatcat:f5ui2a5zkngrpoybbnxwjmd33e