Important influence for single neutron stripping coupling on near barrier 8 Li + 90Zr quasi-elastic scattering [article]

ATHENA PAKOU, Dimitra Pierroutsakou, Marco Mazzocco, L. Acosta, University Of Ioannina
Quasi-elastic scattering data were obtained for the radioactive nucleus 8 Li on a 90 Zr target at the near-barrier energy of 18.5 MeV over the angular range θ lab = 15 • to 80 • . They were analyzed within the coupled channels and coupled reaction channels frameworks pointing to a strong coupling effect for single neutron stripping, in contrast to 6,7 Li + 90 Zr elastic scattering at similar energies, a non-trivial result linked to detailed differences in the structure of these Li isotopes.
doi:10.26268/heal.uoi.10713 fatcat:37ndulgwvvg6dn622c6krd4hae