Advantage of Map As Geography Learning Media To Enhance Students Spatial Intelligence

Iman Hilman
2020 Figshare  
Education cannot be separated from the learning process, which aims at useful and useful learners in the future. Geography as a subject in formal educational institutions, has objects of study regarding the spatial conditions of the earth's surface, these subjects are related to the formation of students' spatial thinking or known as spatial intelligence, one of the components students must have regarding their thinking. Through a descriptive qualitative approach and research method of
more » ... method of literature study, where data are collected through scientific publications in the form of related journals, this article shows the role of maps as a medium for learning geography, which can improve students' spatial intelligence. The results showed that there was a positive correlation, between the use of maps as a medium for geography learning in increasing each indicator of students' spatial intelligence indirectly, the map shows the route from one object to another thereby increasing a) cognitive map, the map also connects between the characteristics of objects in the real world and the position of objects on the map so that it is formed b) cognitive collage, an understanding of the characteristics of the real world and the position of objects with a certain scale on the map so that students understand the spatial impact known as the ability c) spatial mental. In conclusion, the map is recommended to be used as a medium for learning geography to improve students' spatial intelligence, which will be indirectly beneficial for students.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.12520397.v1 fatcat:lgt46ye4gjhbnpjz2eaxs6j4g4