Gökçe Akgün
2021 European Journal of Physical Education and Sport  
The aim of this study is to examine the athlete performance of Ariana, one of the obligatory figures in artistic swimming COMEN competitions, in terms of year and age. It is important to analyze the competition results of the athletes according to years, age groups, individual development and countries. For the figure performance points of the athletes, the official COMEN Mediterranean Artistic Swimming Cup competition results were checked. Within the scope of the research, the competitions
more » ... in 2014 – 2019 were examined. The performances of the same athletes competing in different years and the countries with regular participation are listed for evaluation. Ariana point averages of these countries were calculated according to general and years. One Way ANOVA and Wilcoxon Signed Ranks tests were used for statistical analysis. There was a significant difference between the groups when comparing the Ariana artistic swimming figure by years (p<0.01). As a result of comparing the years with each other, it was found that there was a difference between 2017 and other years (p<0.01). The results of the competition were compared by dividing them into 13, 14 and 15 age groups. There was a significant difference between these age groups (p<0.01). Ariana point averages and total mean and standard deviation values of 9 countries that participated continuously in 2014-2019 were determined. When the Ariana figure points of the same athletes were divided into 13-14, 14-15 and 13-15 age groups, it was understood that there were significant differences between the groups (p<0.01). As the age of the athletes increases, the increase in Ariana figure points shows a significant difference. This situation is also present in the points of the same athletes in different age groups. The points of Bulgaria, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey, which participated continuously in the years covering the research, are decisive for the competition ranking and the estimation of the Ariana figure points. The average point according to the year of the competition and the average point of the countries that regularly participate have been made suitable for planning for the development of athletes. With the study we prepared, it was possible to make figure point plans in determining the performance development goals of artistic swimmers. <p> </p><p><strong> Article visualizations:</strong></p><p><img src="/-counters-/edu_01/0820/a.php" alt="Hit counter" /></p>
doi:10.46827/ejpe.v7i2.3871 fatcat:cq4mnffo3rchzj5gyfzv64zzfy