Engineering virtual-environment-based training simulators

Hans Jense, Frido Kuijper, Mark T. Bolas, Scott S. Fisher, John O. Merritt
1998 Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems V  
While the potential of Virtual Environments (VE's) for traming simulators has been recognized right from the start of the emergence of the technology, to date most VE systems that claim to be training simulators have been developed in an adhoc fashion. Based on requirements of die Royal Netherlands Army and Air Force, we have recentiy developed VE based training simulators following basic systems engineering practice. This paper reports on our approach in general, and specifically focusses on
more » ... o examples. The first is a distributed VE system for training Forward Air Controllers (FAC's). This system comprises an immersive VE for the FAC trainee, as well as a number of other components, all interconnected in a network m&astructure utilizing the DIS/HLA standard protocols for distributed simulation. The prototype VE FAC simulator is currentiy being used in the training program of the Netherlands Integrated Aù/Ground Operations School. Feedback from the users is being collected as input for a follow-on development activity. A second development is aimed at the evaluation of VE technology for training gunnery procedures with the Stinger man-portable air-defense system. In tiiis project, a system is being developed that enables us to evaluate a niunber of different configurations with respect to both human and systems performance characteristics.
doi:10.1117/12.307189 fatcat:4qayegj5bjf55by7exiwpbjb34