Live your readings – Literary tourism as a revitalization of knowledge through leisure

Aldina Gamboa Cabral, Eugénia Pereira
This article intends to reffect on the theme of literary tourism, in a triad relationship "Literature, Tourism and Leisure", from a systematic literature review, carried out on Scopus database and Google Scholar. We address the relationship between two areas of knowledge literature and tourism. Although apparently different, they are intimately linked, with literature being a cultural element that induces and is induced by history, also presenting itself as a reason to lure the reader to an
more » ... he reader to an unreal location (Menezes, 2009). In other words, the readers are transported, by the images that became part of their imaginary, to understand, in loco, what they apprehended from the fictional text (Simões, 2002, cited by Menezes, 2009). Linked to this problem, there will also be a focus on issues connected to humanistic leisure, hereby addressing, its creative dimension
doi:10.34624/rtd.v0i35.24631 fatcat:4zcop5pfbrgvxct3yam7k7jyyq