Effective Spatial Dimension of Extremal Nondilatonic Blackp-Branes and the Description on the World Volume

Rong-Gen Cai
1997 Physical Review Letters  
By investigating the critical behavior appearing at the extremal limit of the non-dilatonic, black p-branes in (d+p) dimensions, we find that some critical exponents related to the critical point obey the scaling laws. From the scaling laws we obtain that the effective spatial dimension of the non-dilatonic black holes and black strings is one, and is p for the non-dilatonic black p-branes. For the dilatonic black holes and black p-branes, the effective dimension will depend on the parameters
more » ... theories. Thus, we give an interpretation why the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy may be given a simple world volume interpretation only for the non-dilatonic black p-branes.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.78.2531 fatcat:rxim6x4hvzbzzbt4pjyphddq6i