Theories of pain, up to Descartes and after neuromatrix: what role do they have to develop future paradigms?

I. Burmistr
2018 Медицина болю  
The article represents a synthesis of literature about antique, medieval and modern pain theories. In short there are described the most relevant theories about nociception and pain. Chronologically there are presented the discoveries in physiology, anatomy, histology and other methods and investigations of pain. There is discussed the character of past pain theories and its influence on elaboration of the new ones. There was elaborated the hypothesis about the neuromatrix theory and impact of
more » ... uman microbiota on pain perception or other comorbidities with psychological and pain component.
doi:10.31636/pmjua.v3i1.81 fatcat:xcpzgp7u2rhwbfpo5z7w2dudtq