A Novel Flexible Carbon Fiber with Carbon Nanotubes Growing In-site to Impregnate Paraffin for Thermal Energy Application [post]

Fei Cheng, Yang Xu, Jinheng Zhang, Lin Wang, HuanHuan Zhang, Qi Wan, Shuai Xu, Wanpeng Li, Lei Wang
2022 unpublished
Aiming at solid waste resources reuse and energy saving issue, a novel flexible paraffin/carbon fiber@carbon nanotubes (Paraffin/CF@CNTs) composite PCM was prepared in this study. In the flexible composite PCM, CNTs grow surrounding with recycled CF trunk via chemical vapor deposition to construct the fiber net-structure utilized as the supporting material, and paraffin as thermal energy storage material was absorbed into spongy CF@CNTs by vacuum impregnation methods. TG results show the
more » ... n/CF@CNTs composite decomposes over 215.6℃ with totally 51.9% mass loss. DSC results indicate Paraffin/CF@CNTs composite melts at 40.01 ℃ with latent heat of 81.94 Jg-1 after solid-solid phase transition with 15.28 Jg-1, while the thermal conductivity of Paraffin/CF@CNTs composite (1.551 Wm-1K-1) is enhanced by 573% than that of pure paraffin. Moreover, thermal cycling measurements show the Paraffin/CF@CNTs composite PCM has adequate structure, chemical component and thermal stability even after being subjected to 300 melting/freezing cycles. In result, the novel flexible composite PCM looks promising for applications in electronic device temperature control, near-infrared stealth, smart wear and textile industry.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-2115128/v1 fatcat:nnjvlvwj25eifbmucrdki7fd2q