The reading process of dynamic text-A linguistic approach to an eye movement study

Selina Sharmin, Mari Wiklund, Liisa Tiittula
2016 SKY Journal of Linguistics   unpublished
Using eye-movement analysis, the article examines the reading process of speech-to-text interpretation involving dynamic text emerging letter by letter on the screen. The article focuses on regressions of gaze as well as on their relationship to linguistic factors in order to reveal how the reader's gaze behaviour reflects the reading process of dynamic text. The data come from an experiment where participants read a dynamic text on a computer screen. The results showed that the first and
more » ... the first and second landing points of regressions were generally (90.8%) content words, even though the proportion of content words in the whole data set was only 57.1%. The test subjects looked for nouns, verbs and adjectives in order to construct the meaning of what they had just read. Nouns were the most likely landing points of regressions. The landing points of regressions reflected the reading process through which the meaning of the text was constructed. In this kind of dynamic text, a typical cause of regressions seems to be incoherence resulting from omissions.