O Brother, Where Art Thou?

2001 ACM SIGGRAPH 2001 video review on Animation theater program -  
BLACK In black, we hear a chain-gang chant, many voices together, spaced around the unison strike of picks against rock. A title burns in: O muse! Sing in me, and through me tell the story Of that man skilled in all the ways of contending... A wanderer, harried for years on end... On the sound of an impact we cut to: A PICK splitting a rock. As the chant continues, wider angles show the chain-gang at work. They are black men in bleached and faded stripes, chained together, working under a
more » ... rking under a brutal midday sun. ROLLING HILLS From high on a ridge we see the three chained men running toward us. In addition to their clanks we hear a distant chugging sound. TRACKING Laterally with the clanking, running feet. The chugging sound is very loud.
doi:10.1145/945191.945234 fatcat:2oxc3e3dkfhjnib7gnqil4f5rq