Chiral control of the Staudinger reaction

R. D. G. Cooper, B. W. Daugherty, D. B. Boyd
1987 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
A method is described for the chiral construction of 3-lactams (and consequently other derivatives that use /3-lactams as starting materials, e.g. amino sugars) in a versatile, high yielding, and predictable manner. We have postulated a variation on the mechanism of the Staudinger reaction which explains the origins of the chiral induction in the reaction and using computational methods have been able to achieve a theoretical justification for our experimental observations. Research into
more » ... esearch into 8-lactams has over the last 30 years resulted in many lifesaving antibiotics. This work is still continuing with unabated vigor, with periodic reinforcement from the discovery from natural sources of new and unexpected structural entities containing the -
doi:10.1351/pac198759030485 fatcat:v6wqurymk5g7zi7u27d4tuvli4