Indianapolis arts and culture in the late twentieth century : the origins, activities, and legacy of the Pan American Arts Festival [article]

Lyndsey Denise Blair
Records. Thanks for replying to my original inquiry about this collection, which played a major role in the selection of my initial topic. I also appreciate the time you took to search through these records, which are massive, to find relevant materials for my thesis. Finally, I want to recognize Susan Zurbuchen and Jim (James) Strain for agreeing to be interviewed for this project. Thanks for taking time out of your schedules to discuss your involvement with the Pan American Arts Festival.
more » ... firsthand accounts and supplementary materials are an essential part of my thesis, and they will surely aid future researchers as well. Additional thanks to Dr. Scarpino for supervising these oral histories. iv Table of Contents Introduction .
doi:10.7912/c2b59p fatcat:cbfmrf7gmvfwxmfqx7xa6bfbie