Критерии Оценки Современных Художественных Произведений: Проблема Выбора

Шитов С. И.
2018 Zenodo  
One of the trends clearly manifested in the last decades in the artistic sphere is a focus change in the process of perception and art work evaluation. Determining the posi-tion regarding the creativity works (it is especially evidenced in the modern practice of international art auctions), the aesthetic component "shrinks" like shagreen skin, giving way to fi nancial, economic considerations, as well as formal aspects that are often not directly related to the artistic merits of the object
more » ... ted by the artist. The deformation of aesthetic consciousness (which is espe-cially manifested in the inadequate estimation of artistic works), its sources, scale and forms of manifestation is one circle of issues related to the topic of the article. Another group of aspects that are to be clarifi ed is largely conditioned by the above. In general, it can be expressed as follows: it possible to formulate evaluation criteria that can reveal the objective artistic and aesthetic qualities of the art works, especially those of the modern type. On the basis thereof, there is a need for a two-way analysis of this material. Purpose of the article: analyze the bases that allow formulating the evaluation criteria of contemporary art works. In addition, an important goal is to determine the priorities when selecting certain criteria in the process of aesthetic perception of artistic phenomena. Methods of research. One of the most important theoretical tools used in this study was the historicism method. It involves the study of art closely connected to real reality, the comparison of artistic phenomena with non-artistic, the discovery of an indepen-dent logic of artistic creativity. The subjective methodinvolves the study of personal and subjective forms of expression and the aesthetic phenomena existence. The psychological method(also applied in this article) of aesthetic phenomena study refers to the analysis of the psychologica [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1443112 fatcat:kyf75jq4lffvjatwzcna2lxkoy