Hydraulic Punching Machine

1882 Scientific American  
Tbe small ice-machine shown in the accompanying cut is designed to produce smitH quantities of ice at a time. It is capable of operating in I ermittingly and produce:t kilogram me of ice in about fifteen minutes, or continuously and give 4 to 5 kilogrammes per bour, with an expenditure of power always below that of a one·borse power steam engine. It is adapted, then, for u�e on steamboats, in country seats, in colonial dwellings, in agricultural ind ustries, and in all cases wbere it is easy to
more » ... wbere it is easy to take a horse from his ordinary work, or to use bim when idle, long enougb to effect the operation; in a word, it is applicable in all cases in which
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican08261882-131a fatcat:glatbeligzdgxofxymfefii2ha