A Study of the X‐Ray Emission of the Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable AE Aquarii

Chul‐Sung Choi, Tadayasu Dotani, P. C. Agrawal
1999 Astrophysical Journal  
We report results from analysis of the X-ray observations of AE Aqr, made with Ginga in June 1988 and with ASCA in October 1995. Pulsations are detected clearly with a sinusoidal pulse profile with periods of 33.076±0.001 s (Ginga) and 33.077±0.003 s (ASCA). The pulse amplitude is relatively small and the modulated flux remains nearly constant despite a factor of 3 change in the average flux during the flare. We reproduce the time-averaged spectrum in the 0.4 -- 10 keV energy band by a thermal
more » ... band by a thermal emission model with a combination of two different temperatures: kT_1 = 0.68^+0.01_-0.02 keV and kT_2 = 2.9^+0.3_-0.2 keV. There is no significant difference between the quiescent and flare energy spectra, although a hint of spectral hardening is recognized during the flare. We interpret these observational results with a model in which AE Aqr is in a propeller stage. Based on this propeller scenario, we suggest that the X-ray emission is originated from magnetospheric radiation.
doi:10.1086/307873 fatcat:bpvbrxyjizafnlpao3rqb3yrwi