Moebius syndrome: A case report from Indonesia

Maula N Gaharu, Sandy Frederickson, Maria Natalia
2022 Case Reports International  
Moebius syndrome is a neurological condition characterized by congenital facial uniplegia or diplegia due to peripheral type facial nerve paresis and lateral eye movement paresis due to abducens nerve paresis resulting in strabismus. Incidence of Moebius syndrome is 0.27/100,000 live births and often associated with abortion attempts. The following is a case report of Moebius syndrome in Indonesia of a 14-year-old girl with a history of attempted abortion by her mother. Case Report: A
more » ... d girl came with facial muscle complaints in the form of difficulty in raising both eyebrows and closing the mouth since birth. These complaints cause difficulty in eating and drinking. Complaints accompanied by abnormality of the limbs and the number of finger in toes and hands. The patient's mother had a history of attempted abortion by taking the chemical disinfectant chloroxylenol 4.8% and other drugs. There was bilateral facial nerve paresis and cognitive impairment. On examination of brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), it was within normal limits. The patient was planned for physiotherapy and consulted to orthopedics. Conclusion: Moebius syndrome is a collection of rare neurological clinical manifestations in children. Exposure to chemicals during pregnancy can be the etiology of this syndrome in addition to genetics. Management of Moebius syndrome is limited to supportive and symptomatic approach.
doi:10.5348/100107z06mg2022cr fatcat:u5yn7p367bhebgxdro6dszgnbe