Sample Design and Cohort Selection in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos

John P. Elder, Robert C. Kaplan, Larissa M. Avilés-Santa, Janice Barnhart, David J. Lee, William D. Kalsbeek, Kiang Liu, Aida Giachello, John Ryan, Michael H. Criqui, Paul D. Sorlie, Lisa M. LaVange
The Hispanic Community Health Study (HCHS)/Study of Latinos (SOL) is a multi-center, community based cohort study of Hispanic/Latino adults in the United States. A diverse participant sample is required that is both representative of the target population and likely to remain engaged throughout follow-up. The choice of sample design, its rationale, and benefits and challenges of design decisions are described in this paper.
doi:10.17615/pf78-b896 fatcat:nviebhpamfadron62vm4vhaekm