Archival materials in the State Archives in Pazin as a source for researching the past of the Lovran area

Markus Leideck
2012 Zbornik Lovranšćine  
Among the 949 collections of the State Archives in Pazin, there are several collections from bodies of local or municipal governments in Istria, whose territory included the Lovran area in the period from the late Middle Ages to the mid-19th century. These collections include: the County of Pazin, the Istrian Circle, General Civilian Vice-Commissariat for the Province of Istria in Poreč, Prefecture of Istria in Pula, Regional People's Committee for Istria. Despite the relatively small amount of
more » ... preserved material, they represent a quality source for researching the history of Lovran. Because of the fragmentarily preserved materials, additional sources are cited at the end of the article, including archival collections form Italy, Austria and Slovenia (Trieste, Graz, Ljubljana). Archives of local government units whose jurisdictions bordered the Lovran area or were in the vicinity represent likely sources of further research due to the connections between the coastal settlements of eastern Istria. These collections include the Municipality of Labin, Potestates of the Municipalities of Labin and Plomin, Notaries of Labin, Temporary Civilian Government of Labin and Plomin (1813-1814), County Commissariat of Labin and two collections of the County Captaincies of Pazin.
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