Nanovesicles: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools in Nanoscale Medicine

Minji Kim, Moonjeong Kim, Kwang-sun Kim
2016 Applied Science and Convergence Technology  
The use of nanovesicles (NVs) has contributed to nanotechnology in the development of new concept medicine to compete with diseases of deleterious and infectious to human health. Due to their properties of size, morphology, and biocompatibility NVs have great impact on public health especially in the development of new therapeutic and prophylaxis approaches in addition to the device for biosensors to diagnose human diseases. Recent data also strongly suggest that NVs are regarded as innovative
more » ... aterials in developing for vaccines and diagnostic tools. In this review, we focus on the basic concepts and recent applications of NVs to utilize or engineer them as therapeutic materials.
doi:10.5757/asct.2016.25.6.103 fatcat:6m6qka2c25c6xhnfiyvti73m7u