Non-isothermal crystallization of LiNaGe4O9 glass

Ye. V. Skrypnik, M. P. Trubitsyn, A. O. Diachenko, M. D. Volnianskii
2021 Journal of Physics and Electronics  
The glass of lithium-sodium tetragermanate LiNaGe4O9 is crystallized on heating under the control of differential scanning calorimetry and thermal gravimetric analysis. The measurements were prepared in the temperature range 300-870 K and showed the relatively weak endothermic DSC anomaly and 40-50 K above the single exothermic peak. The endothermic anomaly observed at Tg testified to softening the glass structure whereas the exothermic peak at TC manifested crystallization of the amorphous
more » ... e. Studying of TGA demonstrated smooth nearly linear dependences without any visible anomalies. Varying the heating rate from 1.2 up to 40 K/min resulted in noticeable increase of the characteristic temperatures Tg and TC. Lower limit of the glass transition temperature Tg0 was estimated with the help of the existing model. The mechanism of the LiNaGe4O9 glass crystallization is discussed.
doi:10.15421/332111 fatcat:46lzqtamo5fdbcbeoh3aj3tmii