Agile software development: it's about feedback and change

L. Williams, A. Cockburn
2003 Computer  
of these practitioners and authors met in Snowbird, Utah, to discuss the fundamental similarities of their experiences and their then-called lightweight methodologies. 2 Finding that their work habits had much in common, they recognized that the lightness in their work process provided a means to achieve the more relevant end: customer satisfaction and high quality. They categorized their methodologies as "agile"-a term with a decade of use in flexible manufacturing practices. The participants
more » ... rote the "Manifesto for Agile Software Development" (, which describes the four comparative values underlying the agile position: • individuals and interactions over processes and tools, • working software over comprehensive documentation, • customer collaboration over contract negotiation, and • responding to change over following a plan. These four comparative values recognize the importance of the items on the right of each comparison, Currently, the focus is on determining how to blend agile methodologies with plan-driven approaches to software development.
doi:10.1109/mc.2003.1204373 fatcat:stxfbmirjzbe3alekvfkoo223e