An Empirical Study of Stratified Warner's Randomized Response Model [post]

Soumyadipta Das, Souvick Bera, Sagnik Bhattacharya
2022 unpublished
This poster shows a stratified randomized response model based on Warner's model that has an optimal allocation and large gain in precision. It is shown that the proposed model is more efficient than the stratified randomized response model. Additionally, it is shown that the estimator based on the proposed method is more efficient than the Warner, the Mangat and Singh and the Mangat estimators under the conditions presented in both the case of completely truthful reporting and that of not completely truthful reporting by the respondents.
doi:10.14293/s2199-1006.1.sor-.pp30e1r.v1 fatcat:rw5ut5pelzh2xc5ue6bqnl37gy