10. A Survey of Parallelization Techniques for Multigrid Solvers [chapter]

Edmond Chow, Robert D. Falgout, Jonathan J. Hu, Raymond S. Tuminaro, Ulrike Meier Yang
2006 Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing  
This paper surveys the techniques that are necessary for constructing computationally efficient parallel multigrid solvers. Both geometric and algebraic methods are considered. We first cover the sources of parallelism, including traditional spatial partitioning and more novel additive multilevel methods. We then cover the parallelism issues that must be addressed: parallel smoothing and coarsening, operator complexity, and parallelization of the coarsest grid solve.
doi:10.1137/1.9780898718133.ch10 fatcat:q72n4g5jybbtzeawtcyvjjxecy