An Efficient Near-Field Localization Method of Coherently Distributed Strictly Non-circular Signals

Meidong Kuang, Ling Wang, Yuexian Wang, Jian Xie
2020 Sensors  
For the near-field localization of non-circular distributed signals with spacial probability density functions (PDF), a novel algorithm is proposed in this paper. The traditional algorithms dealing with the distributed source are only for the far-field sources, and they need two-dimensional (2D) search or omit the angular spread parameter. As a result, these algorithms are no longer inapplicable for near-filed localization. Hence the near-filed sources that obey a classical probability
more » ... robability distribution are studied and the corresponding specific expressions are given, providing merits for the near-field signal localization. Additionally, non-circularity of the incident signal is taken into account in order to improve the estimation accuracy. For the steering vector of spatially distributed signals, we first give an approximate expression in a non-integral form, and it provides the possibility of separating the parameters to be estimated from the spatially discrete parameters of the signal. Next, based on the rank-reduced (RARE) algorithm, direction of arrival (DOA) and range can be obtained through two one-dimensional (1-D) searches separately, and thus the computational complexity of the proposed algorithm is reduced significantly, and improvements to estimation accuracy and identifiability are achieved, compared with other existing algorithms. Finally, the effectiveness of the algorithm is verified by simulation.
doi:10.3390/s20185176 pmid:32927901 fatcat:mmcxkeammfdxlcbkkdgas26wgu