Combined Photo-Fenton and Biological Oxidation for the Treatment of Aniline Wastewater

Qiong Yu Liu, Yan Xiang Liu, Xu Jie Lu
2012 Procedia Environmental Sciences  
The treatment efficiency of aniline wastewater by single photo-Fenton, single biological oxidation and combined photo-Fenton and biological oxidation were compared. The effect of different factors, such as pH, Fe2+ and H2O2 concentrations on degradation efficiency were investigated. Effective degradation of aniline wastewater have been observed by photo-Fenton process, but complete mineralization of aniline wastewater need to consume large numbers of H2O2, so the single photo-Fenton oxidation
more » ... uneconomical technology. The aniline wastewater is less biodegradable and very toxic to microorganisms, the removal efficiency are low by direct biological oxidation. The toxicity of the aniline wastewater was found to be reduced obviously after pretreatment by the photo-Fenton oxidation. The combined photo-Fenton and biological oxidation was an effective treatment technology for toxic aniline wastewater. Experimental results showed that 62.5% of H2O2 were saved by combined photo-Fenton and biological oxidation processes, comparing with single photo-Fenton process.
doi:10.1016/j.proenv.2012.01.287 fatcat:ushotcfhrfcl3assmgtqub4lfe