Product development through QFD analysis using Analytical Network Process

Shailender Singh, Manish Kumar
2015 International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Applications (IJAERA)   unpublished
This research suggest for the product development process in a manufacturing company, aiming at systematic approach of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) apply in the product design phase and using the decision making tool Analytic Network Process (ANP) in product development phase. Combining QFD and ANP approaches to provide an effective decision model in optimize product design issues. QFD is a customer-oriented design tool with cross-functional team members reaching a consensus in developing
more » ... n existing product to increase customer satisfaction. QFD starts with the House of Quality (HOQ), which is a planning matrix translating the Customer Requirements (CRs), into measurable Engineering Characteristics (ECs). ANP is a strong valuation method should consider the interrelationship between ECs and CRs and inner dependency among them while determining the importance levels of ECs in the HOQ. The proposed model helps to effectively select the decision of product design and focuses on those product parts which are highly rated by customers and also revised the existing design of product that should give them a better kind of opportunity to reach customer desires. A case study was carried out of Indian manufacturing company product stainless steel submersible pump for a design process demonstrates how to use ANP in QFD matrixes.