Improving the stability of the straight-line movement of a tractor train by improving the trailer hitch

Y. N. Stroganov, E. M. Pampura, A. Y. Mikheev
2022 AIP Conference Proceedings  
In terms of operation of motor-tractor trains, alongside with their advantages in comparison with single cars and tractors, there is a decrease in such indicators as manageability, trajectory stability, maneuverability, which worsens working conditions and reduces the safety of transport operations. Reducing the stability of straight-line movement of the motor-tractor trains is associated with the stability of the course of the towed single-axis or two-axis trailer. With an increase of the
more » ... -tractor trains speed on the road straight sections, transverse horizontal deviations of trailer links from the tractor path may occur and increase with an speed boost, increasing the width of the overall corridor and the width of the traffic lane of the motor-tractor trains, which creates a threat to oncoming and overtaking transport, increase the danger of the trailer skidding and its departure from the designated lane. One of the ways to solve the problem of increasing the stability of a single-axle trailer by dampening lateral horizontal vibrations can be attributed to the use of stabilizing traction devices that connect a tractor-trailer (or tractor) and the trailer's traction lever (drawbar). The article is shown the problems of improving the safety of tractor-transport trains with single-axle trailers by using stabilizing traction devices that reduce the vibrations of trailers in the horizontal plane when moving along a straight trajectory.
doi:10.1063/5.0112101 fatcat:vbyjifcebrfcbamctz64bkf26i