Assessing students' beliefs, emotions and causal attribution: Validation of 'Learning Conception Questionnaire'

2018 South African Journal of Education  
Students' conceptions of learning represent an influential factor for learning, yet the few existing studies used measures with limited validity and lacked to provide a model for middle school students. This research aimed to provide a preliminary validation of 'Learning Conception Questionnaire' (LCQ) by Liverta Sempio and Marchetti (2001) aimed to measure conceptions of learning in a holistic way by including belief, academic emotion, and causal attributions. In the current study, the factor
more » ... tructure was tested in a sample of 212 middle school students. Exploratory factor analysis (EFAs) and Confirmatory factor analysis (CFAs) showed that the factor structure of the comprehensive measure of conceptions of learning used could be described across three domains (Belief: Comparative Fit Index [CFI] = .98, Standardised Root Mean Square Residual [SRMR] = .06; Emotions: CFI = .89, SRMR = .07; Causal attribution: CFI = .92, SRMR = .06), with significant relationships. Implications and future ways of research were discussed.
doi:10.15700/saje.v38n2a1453 fatcat:yyscn65lmjandddrw4fkac2j6m