Dr. Hafiza Naima Anwar, Dr. Ijaz Aziz, Dr. Hira Munir
2019 Zenodo  
Objective: To analyzed the cases fall from height at tertiary care hospital. Material and methods:This retrospective study was conducted at Department of Forensic Medicine, Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur/ Shahida Islam Medical Complex Lodhran from March 2018 to September 2018 over the period of 6 months. Total 100 cases having age ≤ 80 years either male or female were selected for this study. Regarding the data, nature and pattern of injuries, nature of fall, site of primary impact,
more » ... f primary impact, height of fall, location of fall were obtained from investigating officers. The height of fall has been determined by visiting the scene and taking measurements. Results:Out of 100 cases, 97 (97%) were and 3 (3%) were female. In 63 (63%) cases type of height was tree followed by building in 26 (26%) cases and miscellaneous type of height was 11 (11%). Accident cases were 98 (98%) and suicidal caes were 2 (2%). Out of 53 (53%) cases with head injury, 28 cases were with fall from tree, 18 cases were fall from building and 7 cases miscellaneious. In 21 (21%) cases of trunk injury, 17 cases were fall from tree, 2 cases were fall from building and 2 cases were Misc. Among 15 (15%) cases of buttock injury, 11 cases were fall from tree, 4 cases were fall from building. Out of 7 (7%) cases of leg injury, 5 cases were fall from tree, 1 case was fall from building and 1 Misc. Conclusion:Results of present study showed male predominance as compared female. Most common age group 20-40 years. In mostly cases fall from tree was the type of fall. Accidental fall was the most common manner. Higher number of cases found with head injury. Keywords: Fall, autopsy, injury, skull, head, pattern
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3631788 fatcat:3o6fnuuxbfda3py5u4xasp7n2y