Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî ve Hâfız-ı Şîrâzî'nin Şiirlerinde İnsan-ı kâmil Tasavvurunun İncelenmesi

2020 Dinbilimleri Akademik Araştırma Dergisi  
In the Islamic worldview, the human has a prominent position such that perfect man (al-Insan al-Kāmil) is introduced as successor and vicegerent of Allah on earth. But, this succession to the God and attainment of sublime status depends on characteristics and conditions taken into account in various respects. Islamic mysticism is one of the most important approaches in addressing the human and his/her role in the cosmos emphasized by various philosophers and scholars based on Islamic teachings.
more » ... Position of perfect human and his dignity and esteem are investigated from perspective of two famous mystics and geniuses, Mawlānā Jalāl ad-Dīn Rūmī and Hāfiz-e Shīrāzī; that both of them were also influential and prominent in Persian poetry and literature, and have expressed their viewpoints in form of elegant and evocative poems. Thus, this study was conducted to unravelmany of the secrets and mysteries of humanity and providing a context for human spiritual development using religious teachings and intuition of discoveries, and experiences of Muslim mystics. Finally, transcendent values of the human's base and position were investigated in order of creation, as well * Dr. Öğrt. Üyesi, Sakarya Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi, Türk İslam Sanatları Anabilim Dalı,, Orcid Id: 0000-0002-0606-5177 AHMET YEŞİL DİNBİLİMLERİ AKADEMİK ARAŞTIRMA DERGİSİ CİLT 20 SAYI 2 1374| db as some human's characteristics and attributes and the purpose of human creation by examining a few poems of Mawlānā and Hāfiz using a descriptive analytical method.
doi:10.33415/daad.668448 fatcat:2tlrthrngzf6hplec45igrlbfm