Control of amplitude chimeras by time delay in oscillator networks

Aleksandar Gjurchinovski, Eckehard Schöll, Anna Zakharova
2017 Physical review. E  
We investigate the influence of time-delayed coupling in a ring network of non-locally coupled Stuart-Landau oscillators upon chimera states, i.e., space-time patterns with coexisting partially coherent and partially incoherent domains. We focus on amplitude chimeras which exhibit incoherent behavior with respect to the amplitude rather than the phase and are transient patterns, and show that their lifetime can be significantly enhanced by coupling delay. To characterize their transition to
more » ... e-lag synchronization (coherent traveling waves) and other coherent structures, we generalize the Kuramoto order parameter. Contrasting the results for instantaneous coupling with those for constant coupling delay, for time-varying delay, and for distributed-delay coupling, we demonstrate that the lifetime of amplitude chimera states and related partially incoherent states can be controlled, i.e., deliberately reduced or increased, depending upon the type of coupling delay.
doi:10.1103/physreve.95.042218 pmid:28505829 fatcat:w6dazlk2efgujpcwwmkr7ss3ia